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  The Frozen Margarita Machine Rental Delivery Includes:

    • 1 Commercial Grade Frozen Beverage Machine

    • 1 gallon of margarita mix to make up to 8 finished gallons of mix (with your alcohol).  Each gallon yields about 115 9oz cups.

    • Delivery, set up, pick up and machine cleaning 

    • Heavy duty 25' extension cord (12 gauge), if needed

    • Instructions and 5 gallon mixing bucket with whisk and lid for making additional batches (The first batch is prepared by Raff).

    • A drink mixer/spinner, if purchasing a flavored puree ($30 extra) 

    • Additional mix is $40 per gallon (will not be charged if the seal is not broken)

Please make sure that the electrical outlet for the machine is on a
dedicated circuit that's a standard 20 amp, 115 volt, grounded (i.e. 3 prong). 

Flavors Available for Margaritas and Daiquiris:
  • Strawberry

  • Margarita Lime

  • Mango

  • Pina Colada

  • Rum Runner

  • Dacquiri

**Raff's can customize your flavor to suit your preference.  Ask for your special flavor.

All puree concentrates are $25 per half-gallon.

Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to provide ?

At least 4 x 1.75 liter bottles of tequila per 8 gallon finished Raffarita Batch. You may use more or less, depending on individual taste.  Raff will prepare and fill the machine with half the batch (4 gallons) and will leave the other half (4 gallons) in the bucket as backup. A standard 115 volt / 20 amp grounded (3 prong plug) is also needed. This must be a dedicated circuit, meaning no other electrical devices can be sharing the same circuit as the machine.

Are the machines for alcoholic beverages only ?

Alcohol is not necessary for the mixes. The machines can be used for virgin (nonalcoholic slushies) drinks, kids drinks, granitas, daiquiris, cappucinos, Frosé, mocha & coffee "Frappucinos", fruit smoothies, milk shakes, etc. 

Raff's can make any custom crafted frozen drinks, such as "Wet Woodies", Frozen Negronis, Rum Runners, etc.  Just ask Raff!

How many drinks does one Gallon yield ?

One gallon, with alcohol (you provide), makes 8 gallons of frozen drinks, about 115 (9 oz) drink cups. One gallon of margarita mix concentrate is provided with the rental. Without alcohol, a typical batch will yield about 6 gallons of product, depending on which flavor you choose.

Do I need to provide ice ?

No. That's the beauty of Raff's machines! The machine freezes the beverage, just like any freezer would. There's no noisy, labor-intensive blending, gathering of ice. The first batch is made for you and is included in your fee, so you can be a guest at your own party!

How long does it take for the drinks to get frozen ?

The Freeze-time for the Taylor 430-12 machine takes just 10 minutes. Keep this in mind when scheduling a reservation time for delivery of a machine on the day of the event. Always remember to make sure that the machine, if placed outdoors on a hot day, must be in a shaded area, or the freezing capabilities will be compromised. The smaller, Frosty Factory machine and the Wilch machines take close to an hour to freeze.

Can I have different flavors?

Yes! Please see the FLAVORS page for the choices. Each flavor comes with its own dispensing pump for adding to each individual’s drink cup (then mixed in blender/spinner provided for $30).  The puree can be added to the margarita mix in the bucket ahead of time if you want flavored margaritas in the machine.

How much do I need for my party ?

Use this as a rough guide:


0 – 50












What is the rental period ?

The rental period is per event unless otherwise noted.  If the event ends in the evening, Raff's will confirm what time they will pick up on the following day. Contact us for special rates on multiple day rentals, especially weekends!

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